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    3SP 3D принтери

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    71 000,00 лв.
    A great manufacturing option for a wide variety of consumer and automotive applications, the ULTRA 3SP provides 100 µm resolution and a build size of up to 9013 cubic cm.


    71 000,00 лв.
    The ULTRA 3SP Ortho can be used by both labs and orthodontic practices to produce up to 18 high-quality aligner models or 12 appliance models in each build.


    142 000,00 лв.
    The ULTRA 3SP HD provides the same excellent surface finish and speed as the original ULTRA 3SP, but adds an incredible 50 µm resolution capability to your builds.


    142 000,00 лв.
    The 3-Dent was designed specifically for the production of high-quality crown and bridge models with removable dies. The high precision and excellent surface finish make this 3D printer a favorite among larger dental labs with high production needs. Up to 9 full arches or 34 quads can be produced in each build.

    Vector 3SP

    118 000,00 лв.
    The Vector 3SP provides excellent surface finish and speed with a build size of up to 16,500 cubic cm to produce everything from concept models to functional parts in 100 µm resolution.

    Vector HD 3SP

    183 000,00 лв.
    The Vector HD 3SP is ideal for those who need large parts up to 14,437 cubic cm with a resolution of 50.8 µm. High detail parts with smooth surface finishes make the Vector HD 3SP an ideal option for a wide variety of applications.

    Xtreme 3SP

    306 000,00 лв.
    The Xtreme 3SP’s large build area and high speed make it an ideal choice for service bureau or OEM applications in automotive and aerospace. It has a resolution of 100 µm, excellent surface finish, and a build area of up to 29,497 cubic cm.

    XEDE 3SP

    530 000,00 лв.
    EnvisionTEC’s largest 3SP option, the Xede 3SP produces excellent prototype and production parts with a build area up to 95,045 cubic cm and a resolution of 100 µm.

    3SP 3D принтери

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