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    Shining 3D

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    Aoralscan 3

    19 800,00 лв.
    AORALSCAN 3 INTRAORAL SCANNING EXPERT Aoralscan simplifies the intraoral scanning experience. The ease of operation provides patients comfort while delivering reliable scan results. Aoralscan enables dentists and technicans alike to easily obtain digital impressions.

    Aoralscan 3 Wireless

    28 000,00 лв.
    Shining3D Aoralscan 3 WIRELESS Intraoral scanner Scan without limits

    AutoScan Inspec

    24 000,00 лв.
    EinScan-Pro HD Висока разделителна способност, лек и преносим 3D скенер. Различни режими за сканиране.


    9 250,00 лв.
    AutoScan-DS-EX is an unexpectedly cost-effective option for the dental market. This brand new 3D dental scanner will amaze the dental world with its unmatched small footprint and unprecedented light-weight. This will make it the ideal scanning solution for any dental service bureau and labs with restricted space.


    11 800,00 лв.
    AutoScan-DS-EX Pro features a compact size, lightweight, versatile functions, and outstanding scan speed. It is highly suitable for data capturing in restorations, orthodontics and implant cases. It comes integrated with two projector options – blue light or white light.


    15 500,00 лв.
    Shining 3D AutoScan DS-EX Pro(H) Ultra-high Accuracy Unparalleled Details Outstanding Scan Speed Flexible Workflow Backstage Data Processing Versatile Scan Modes

    Shining 3D

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