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    DLP Dental Resins

    EnvisionTEC has been serving the dental market since 2008, when Jim Glidewell walked up to an EnvisionTEC trade show booth and asked: “Can you do teeth?”

    Glidwell is the owner of Glidewell Laboratories in Newport Beach, CA, one the single largest dental labs in the US.

    Today, Glidewell 3D prints dental prosthetics on nearly a dozen EnvisionTEC printers, both desktop and production models. “Our Perfactory 3D printer from EnvisionTEC allows us to create highly precise wax patterns at a fraction of the time required for a hand wax-up,” Glidwell previously told Dentaltown.

    And EnvisionTEC is now blazing the path forward in digital dentistry thanks to three main factors:

    • The best-in-class accuracy and surface finish of our DLP and 3SP printers
    • Experienced full-service training and support, which includes on-staff CDTs
    • The industry-leading dental materials portfolio, included several FDA- and CE-approved materials for long term use in the mouth

    Our dental materials 3D print a full range of models (dental and orthodontic), castables (crowns, bridges, partial frameworks), restorations (crown, bridge, full roundhouse, as well as complete dentures) and appliances (surgical guides, bite splints, indirect bonding trays).

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    360,00 лв.
    E-OrthoShape is a grey ABS-like material that prints in 100 micron layers. It is recommended for the affordable volume production of models on which to produce clear thermoformed aligners by orthodontic professionals.


    800,00 лв.
    Dental EnvisionTEC’s revolutionary new E-SepFree is the only 3D printable dental model material that fulfills two special needs in the dental industry that haven’t previously been possible with 3D printed models.

    NextDent C&B MFH

    1 060,00 лв.
    Dental NextDent C&B MFH printing material is a biocompatible Class IIa and FDA-approved solution for the accurate 3D printing of crowns and bridges. C&B MFH can also be used for the 3D printing of very tough veneers that are extremely accurate and have a very fine surface finish as well as denture try-ins. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin give the material its high strength and wear resistance.

    NextDent Denture 3D+

    710,00 лв.
    Dental NextDent Denture 3D+ material is an FDA-approved, biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for printing all types of denture bases. This material has low shrinkage compared to standard PMMA denture base materials, which results in excellent fitting denture bases. This 3D-printed solution allows for a natural looking appliance with exceptional customized fit.

    NextDent Tray

    360,00 лв.
    Dental NextDent Tray is a 3D printing material for use in producing individual customized impression trays. Dental impressions can be used for preliminary impressions, final impressions, and bite registrations and are used for prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental crowns and bridges, maxillofacial prosthetics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, in diagnosis, mouth guards, whitening trays, and for the permanent dental record to document before and after phases.


    1 080,00 лв.
    Castable • Dental A castable material developed for a specific need in the dental industry: delivering delicate partial frameworks with thin features and some flexibility for casting. E-Partial material maintains flexural strength to ensure clasp flex without breakage. The stiffness of E-Partial allows for production of a very hard retention grid and super tight thin clasps to deliver a metal partial with the perfect fit every time. Importantly, E-Partial can be printed at a 25 micron resolution in the Z axis, for extreme accuracy.

    DLP Dental Resins

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