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    Pegasus PP Ultralight (Polypropylene)

    Pegasus PP (Polypropylene) is an ultralightweight engineering filament that is nanotechnology
    enhanced with hollow glass microspheres. With a material density of 0.75 g/cc Pegasus
    PP is most likely the lightest 3D printing material available.

    • Automotive parts
    • Functional prototypes
    • Floating applications
    • End-use parts
    • Short-run manufacturing

    Key Features
    • Extremely lightweight
    - ≥ 20% lighter than average PP
    - ≥ 40% lighter than average PLA
    • Very high strength to weight ratio
    • Good wear-, abrasion- and fatigue resistance
    • Seamless interlayer adhesion
    • Good chemical resistance

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    Pegasus PP Ultralight - Natural

    87,38 лв.
    Pegasus PP Ultralight is most likely the lightest filament in the world! Pegasus PP Ultralight is a nanotechnology enhanced compound based on our Centaur PP plus other PP grades and various impact modifiers and binding agents. Due to the nanotechnology applied Pegasus PP Ultralight has a 20% lower weight and/or density than regular PP. Pegasus PP Ultralight combines all the mechanical properties of PP with an extremely lightweight and by that makes it a very suitable material for applications such as automotive, drones, floating applications, wear resistant & durable applications, etc…

    Pegasus PP Ultralight (Polypropylene)

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